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Your source for computer repair, sales, and maintenance

Nobody knows computers like A-HL Computers in Naples, Florida.  We do it all!  Whether you’re in need of computer repairnetworking or virus removal, or a new Dell Computer,  A-HL Computer are the professionals to call. We’ll talk to you as our friend,  in a language you can understand, and we’ll bring all of our work to you so you won’t have to make the drive across town!Computer Repair, Maintenance, Sale

Computer Repair and Upgrades:
Our personal computer repair service will resolve any issue you’re having! We’ll come out and give you an estimate for free! We offer hardware and operating system upgrades as well! We can do anything with your computer, including repairing or upgrading:

  • Memory
  • Hard Drives
  • Network Cards
  • Wireless Setup

Networking Services:
Our networking services can get you connected with both a wired, or a wireless set up! We can build networks for homes, offices, and virtual office, ensuring your time on the web will be well spent and enjoyable!

Virus Removal:
Everybody knows that the internet is infested by malicious software that could infect your computer and make it hard to do anything online.  We can help you if your computer has already been infected!  We’ll remove any viruses and malware, including spyware, adware, and trojans! Help us help you optimize your system and initiate a cleanup and defragmentation.

Dell™ Computers:
If you need a new computer, we’re able to sell top-of-the-line Dell computers, because we happen to partner with Dell! Both desktop and laptops are available.  We can also build you a custom computer that will have everything necessary to meet the performance you require!